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Bringing together broadband stakeholders and decision makers to develop the industry effectively.

The mission of the WBBA is to unify broadband industry stakeholders to address and drive forward shared goals of maximizing the social and economic benefits of equality of broadband for all globally. The association will provide an open organization for future-facing broadband cooperation and partnership across the industry.
  • The WBBA is independently led by Informa Tech.
  • All members are considered equal and are encouraged to contribute to agenda content, custom research-creation and the overall direction of the WBBA.
  • All membership contact data will be kept confidential and no contact details will be shared publicly or with other members without the explicit written consent of that member.
  • No public reference to specific member organizations will be made in WBBA collateral without the explicit written consent of the member organization.
  • Members are not contractually obliged to renew membership in 2022 and are free to cancel membership at any time if required.
  • The WBBA is financed via sponsorship by vendor partners within the industry, and all future partners have the opportunity to become sponsors.
  • There are no dues or fees for non-vendor WBBA membership. Although the opportunity for partners to become sponsors will be available and future membership models (post year 1) will be agreed by the WBBA Advisory Board.
  • There are no obligations for members to meet with, endorse, or share contact details with WBBA sponsors.
  • All WBBA members will have equal representation and voting rights regarding the content focus and methodology underpinning the WBBA program.

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