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Inaugural World Broadband Association Annual Event Successfully Held!
Posted on:
November 29, 2021

World Broadband Association members and a wider audience of over 200 broadband industry executives came together for a full day of live video content on 18th November.

Highlights included:
“Broadband has enabled billions to continue to work, learn and socialise during the pandemic – but some 2.9bn people still remain offline, whilst there is still a broadband divide between rural and urban areas, even in developed countries. Those without a good broadband connection have suffered much more during this crisis. By working together, WBBA members can help extend the benefits of broadband to all.” – Houlin Zhao
“The World Broadband Association will seek to influence operators, vendors and policymakers in the drive towards the provision of ultra-broadband networks and services for all through thought-leadership, events and trade shows, exploring new scenarios and new cases to justify fixed-line investments, and enabling effective collaboration and co-creation between industry stakeholders.” – Gary Nugent

– What aspects other than speed do service providers need to take into account when developing new broadband investment business plans?

– What are the key areas where regulators and other organisations could help to make investing in new broadband networks easier for all types of operator?

We invite everyone from the global broadband ecosystem to enjoy the on-demand version of this event.

Register to access, free of charge. We are also accepting WBBA membership enquires now.

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