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World Broadband Association

Connecting the World by Bringing the Benefit of Broadband to All
An independent association providing leadership for the global broadband industry.
News Release
Another Successful WBBA Members Meet & Greet at MWC Shanghai!
July 2, 2024
Members took the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge technology capabilities, focusing on a customer-centric approach to enhance broadband access coverage and user experience.
The fastest data in the world
July 2, 2024
Activities in the so-called metaverse might one day require extreme bandwidth, suggests Martin Creaner, director general of the World Broadband Association. His organisation expects home broadband connections to reach up to 50 Gbps by 2030, external. But reliability may be even more important than speed for some applications. “For remote robotic surgery across 3,000 miles… you absolutely do not want any scenario where the network goes down,” says Mr Creaner.
Bridging the Digital Divide: Raisecom's Strategic Initiatives
June 27, 2024
Raisecom is leveraging its 25 years of telecommunications experience to tackle the digital divide in rural and underserved areas. This blog explores how Raisecom's innovative solutions are making fixed broadband services more affordable and accessible.

Knowledge Center

The World Broadband Association publishes regular white papers and videos.
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Network Evolution For the 5.5G And 6G Era
Working Group 4 - Network Architecture and Technology
June, 2024
Net5.5G framework presents the key features including 400/800GE IP converged transport network with SRv6-based slicing, high-quality 10Gbps campus network with Wi-Fi 7, and 400/800GE hyper-converged DCN with Network Scale Load Balancing. Net5.5G ensures experiences of AR/VR, supports AI training and inference, and delivering AI-related services to the end user.
Subjective Analysis of WBBA WG4 Cloud-Network Convergence Proof-of-Concept Project Test Report
Working Group 4 - Network Architecture and Technology
June, 2024
Dive into the future of digital transformation with our captivating white paper, "Driving the Future: Understanding the Landscape of Cloud-Network Convergence." As demand skyrockets for 5G, gigabit fiber, and IoT applications, the synergy between cloud and network infrastructures is revolutionizing both enterprise IT and at-home consumer needs.
WBBA Broadband Investment Guidebook 2024
Working Group 2 - Broadband Advocacy
May, 2024
This guidebook provides guidance and advice to all stakeholders considering investment in broadband infrastructure.
WBBA-Case-study-China-Telecom-Whole-home-WiFi-to-be-published-3-1 copy
China Telecom’s Whole-home WiFi service
May, 2024
China Telecom Whole-home WiFi Case Study: New In-Home Networking Technology Boosts User Satisfaction
Gamtel National Broadband Network investment case study
May, 2024
This report analyses how broadband is considered one of the key drivers fuelling the global economy and is critical for inclusive and sustainable growth.
Gigacity: Unleashing the power of connection and innovation
Working Group 1 - Generational Roadmap
April, 2024
The creation of gigacities is essential to maximize a country’s socioeconomic development. With increasing levels of urbanization around the world, gigacity investment is an efficient way of getting gigabit broadband technology to large portions of the population and industry zones.
Fixed Networks Energy Efficiency Toolkit
Working Group 3 - Environmental Sustainability
March, 2024
Energy efficiency, crucial for net-zero goals, is now central to EU, US, and China policies. In telecom, it is a major contributor to carbon footprints reduction and a key element of telco sustainability strategies. This research highlights insights from the WBBA’s report on improving fixed broadband networks' energy efficiency.
WBBA Broadband Cloud Development Index Identifies Global Leaders and Best Practice
Working Group 5 - Broadband and Cloud Development Index
October, 2023
The global broadband and cloud computing markets combined are worth more than $656bn, but their indirect impacts may be even greater because they are two of the key foundations of the digital economy.
The Importance of Greater Broadband Investment
Working Group 2 - Broadband Advocacy
September, 2023
This report analyzes the need for greater broadband investment to support continued socioeconomic growth.
Driving the future: Understanding the landscape of Cloud Network Convergence 2023
Working Group 4 - Network Architecture and Technology
August, 2023
The WBBA Working Group 4 Whitepaper is here!
Next-generation broadband roadmap 2023 to 2030
Working Group 1 - Generational Roadmap
July, 2023
Broadband networks have experienced significant growth since their initial deployments in the early 2000s. These networks have advanced from offering speeds of a few hundred kilobits per second to modern fiber-based networks that provide a global average speed of 200 Mbps.
Broadband Investment Demands and Trends 2023
Working Group 2 - Broadband Advocacy
July, 2023
This report analyzes the demand for broadband investment as well as current investment trends.
Evaluating the Telecom Industry's Sustainability Potential
Working Group 3 - Environmental Sustainability
July, 2023
Recent survey of leading telecom service provider and vendors to evaluate telecom operators’ level of commitment to sustainability.
Sustainability in Telecom Service Providers' Strategy
Working Group 3 - Environmental Sustainability
October, 2022
This report analyzes the benefits of sustainability management and sets forth best practices.
Broadband Case Study Success Stories
Working Group 2 - Broadband Advocacy
September, 2022
This report analyzes the power of high-speed broadband to benefit consumers and improve society.
Next-Generation Broadband Roadmap
Working Group 1 - Generational Roadmap
August, 2022
This report sets out the WBBA’s roadmap for the future broadband network of 2030 and beyond.


Convening the Global Broadband Industry
The World Broadband Association convenes operators, vendors, the investment community and more to bring you regular,
global telecom and broadband industry-leading events, both online and in-person.
featured event
July 9, 2024
Network Evolution for the 5G and 6G Era Webinar
This exclusive webinar presents the recommendations and testing PoC (Proof of concept) framework with results of the World Broadband Association’s working group (WBBA WG4) about development trends, the viability of the architectural blueprint design and use cases for network evolution and smooth modernization of the end-to-end data communication network for the next revolutionary phase of 5G technology, also called 5G -Advanced or 5.5G era.
June 27, 2024
In Person & Online
BDC Shanghai 2024 AI Empowering cloud and Broadband Network Excellence: Opportunities Vs Challenges
May 23, 2024
WBBA Webinar: How to formulate your best broadband investment strategy
April 25, 2024
Gigacity: Unleashing the Power of Connectivity and Innovation

What is the World Broadband Association?

The World Broadband Association (WBBA) is a multilateral, broadband industry-led association, providing leadership for digital broadband across the next decade.

Our objective is to overcome broadband industry challenges and support the drive towards the provision of broadband networks and services for all. With a goal of accelerating the healthy development of the global telecom industry, with sustainable benefits for stakeholders, end users, and society.

The WBBA is an independent legal entity registered in Switzerland.

Working Groups

Discover the Working Groups

Generational Roadmap

By better understanding the scale, nature and timing of the future demand for services and applications, the first World Broadband Association working group is responsible for the Next Generation Broadband Roadmap.

Broadband Advocacy
The WBBA has a working group dedicated to developing and advocating a set of arguments for why it is important and beneficial to invest in developing broadband in any given region.
Environmental Sustainability

Embracing sustainability as a core element of corporate strategy offers great potential for the telecom industry, enabling companies to mitigate risks, improve operational efficiencies, enhance their reputation, access capital and drive innovation.

Network Technology
The fourth WBBA working group is focused on understanding the landscape of cloud network convergence, assessing and advising on how to achieve “cloud and network as one” and realise congestion-free new transport infrastructure with better network elastic scalability, enhanced intelligence, and true deterministic experience.
WBBA Broadband and Cloud Development Index

World Broadband Association’s mission to drive social-economic change required a robust understanding of the state, scale and nature of the digital divide.


Customer Premises Network – CPN

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape marked by the rise of UHD video, metaverse, online education, healthcare, and smart manufacturing, the demand for robust home and business broadband services has never been greater.


Artificial Intelligence – AI

Experience the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it revolutionizes life and work, both locally and globally. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the dynamic shifts in our economy and society with confidence. Discover how AI is shaping the future today.

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