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The WBBA publishes regular white papers and videos about the benefits of broadband and information about development, investment and regulation. Download the white papers and watch our videos below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Download the white papers and watch our videos here.
WBBA Broadband Cloud Development Index Identifies Global Leaders and Best Practice
The global broadband and cloud computing markets combined are worth more than $656bn, but their indirect impacts may be even greater because they are two of the key foundations of the digital economy.
Driving the future: Understanding the landscape of Cloud Network Convergence 2023
The WBBA Working Group 4 Whitepaper is here!
Evaluating the Telecom Industry's Sustainability Potential
Recent survey of leading telecom service provider and vendors to evaluate telecom operators’ level of commitment to sustainability.
Broadband Investment Demands and Trends 2023
This report analyzes the demand for broadband investment as well as current investment trends.
Sustainability in Telecom Service Providers' Strategy
This report analyzes the benefits of sustainability management and sets forth best practices.
Next-Generation Broadband Roadmap
This report sets out the WBBA’s roadmap for the future broadband network of 2030 and beyond.
Broadband Case Study Success Stories
This report analyzes the power of high-speed broadband to benefit consumers and improve society.
The Importance of Greater Broadband Investment
This report analyzes the need for greater broadband investment to support continued socioeconomic growth.
Next-Generation Broadband Roadmap 2023 to 2030
Setting out a detailed roadmap for the broadband network to 2030.

Broadband is the lifeblood of our connected world.

Broadband is a $365 billion industry today, and fixed broadband revenues will grow faster than mobile revenues on an annual basis until 2026.  Yet like a body, the global broadband market must be cared for and nurtured.  Roadblocks to achieving a connected, and interconnected world include…

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