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Our Chairman, Director General, and Board head up our leadership, supported by our Oversight Committee.

Li Zhengmao

Doctor of Engineering, Professor, WBBA Board Chairman

Li Zhengmao was awarded the title of “Chinese Doctors with Outstanding Contribution” by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council & the former State Education Commission, and granted the China Youth Science and Technology Award by the China Association for Science and Technology, and the 2017 Distinguished Industry Leader Award by IEEE; he was inducted into the 2020 IPv6 Internet Hall of Fame and enjoyed special government allowances.

Li served as Vice-Chairman of China Institute of Communications, Vice President of Internet Society of China, Vice-Chairman of the Association of Communications Across the Taiwan Straits, Vice-Chairman of All-China Environment Federation, Board member of GSM Association (GSMA), Board Director of Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance, Executive Director of Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), Vice President of China United Communications Corporation Limited, Vice President of China Mobile Communications Corporation Limited, and President of China Telecommunications Corporation Limited.

Martin Creaner

Director General of the World Broadband Association

Martin Creaner is one of the leading strategic thinkers in the global communications industry with a successful career as an executive with Motorola and British Telecom, as well as over a decade as President and CEO of the TM Forum.

Martin currently advises the boards of a number of companies in the communications and high tech industries, ranging from up-and-coming digital economy companies, to market leaders.

Martin has been named among the 25 Most Influential People in Telecom Software by Billing World and has twice been named as one of Global Telecoms Business’ Top 100. Martin holds a Master of Business Administration from Cranfield University, Cranfield School of Management; a Master of Science in Telecommunications from the University of East Anglia; and Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering and Physics from Dublin City University and the University College Dublin, respectively.

Martin is also a recognized thought-leader on digital transformation and the trends of the emerging digital economy. His most recent book “Transforming the Telco” explains the opportunities and challenges that digital transformation presents and outlines how the Telco might navigate this difficult process.

Previous books include “Delivering the Digital Economy”, which outlines the dynamics of the digital economy, and “Frameworx Distilled” & “NGOSS Distilled”, which provide a detailed guidebook to the standards that underpin the Telecom software industry.

Martin was appointed unanimously to the role of Director General by WBBA members.

Martin lives in Cork, Ireland.

Board Members

members_0005_Chip_Strange_2021v1 copy
Chip Strange
Chief Strategy Officer, Ookla

Chip Strange is the Chief Strategy Officer at Ookla, the global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Chip leads global corporate development, strategic partnerships, government and industry affairs, and the Ookla for Good program. Prior to joining Ookla in 2018, he supported the successful divestiture of Mosaik Solutions to Ookla, where he had been responsible for corporate strategy, marketing, product management, and software engineering functions.

Chip has twenty-six seven years of telecom industry experience, working with network intelligence and communications service providers.

Kurt Rogers
Network Strategy Manager, Chorus

Kurt Rodgers has over 20 years’ experience in the fixed and mobile broadband industry in Europe and New Zealand. He has a passion for new technology and how it will change and improve our lives. Part engineer, part storyteller, Kurt likes to take the complexity out of emerging technology and explain it in a simple way that everyone understands.

Kurt has held a wide range of technology roles within service provider and vendor organisations, including network planning, architecture, solution consulting and strategy. Over the last decade he has been closely involved in NZ’s Ultra-Fast Broadband programme and works for Chorus as the Network Strategy Manager and Director of the Chorus Fibre Lab.

Maged Tawfeek
Access Planning Director, Telecom Egypt

Maged Tawfeek is a business and technology executive who specialize in Fixed Access network and broadband planning leading company strategy to future evolution to the F5G era.

Mr. Maged is 36 years of experience of business management and Fixed Access strategy development.

Mr. Maged have rich experience in Fixed network products and technologies and FTTH penetration and evolution strategy responsible for National network Broadband speed and network transformation from Copper to fiber using different FTTH evolution strategies.

Markus Reber
EVP Networks, Swisscom

Coming Soon

Pa Touray
Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited

Pa Touray, a full-time employee of the Gambia Telecommunication Company Limited (GAMTEL) for about two decades, has a background in Electronic Communications, Telecoms Engineering, and Information and Communication Technology.

GAMTEL, a State-Owned Enterprise and a critical enabler in the ICT sector, is the leading Telco Service Provider in the Gambia, providing a wide range of dependable, secure, and cost-effective customer services using broadband technologies that meet Gambian and International business requirements. Pa has also completed several professional trainings, including but not limited to Satellite Systems and Space Technology with application, Enterprise Risk Management, Next-generation Network Systems, WLL CDMA Engineering and Planning, Managing Contingent Liabilities and Government Fiscal Risks in Projects. Pa advanced steadily through the management ladder and is now the Manager, Enterprise Risk Management (GAMTEL/GAMCEL).

His responsibilities include advising Management and the Board on operational and strategic functions. These activities are scheduled to be carried out throughout all processes involved in managing the internal and external business environments of the organization to achieve strategic objectives within its risk appetite and tolerance to gain competitive advantage.

Because of rapid technological advancements and my extensive multi-year experience within the telecoms sector, international companies, and project development efforts, I am constantly seeking knowledge and skills in innovation to provide my services to the best of my abilities wherever they are required.

Professor Paul Morrissey
Advisor At EXFO

Paul is a Globally renowned figure in the world of Telecommunications and Media. He advisors many International Groups and Governments on Operational Strategy, Technology, AI and Data Analytics.

He is an Industry veteran who has grown sold and acquired Telecommunications and Media assets throughout his career. He is also the chairman of the Venture Company Nova Growth Partners in the UK which specialises in Venture Building at the very early stage of the problem life cycle.

Paul is Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET) the British Computing Society (FBCS) and The Royal Society (FRSA) as well as a visiting Professor at the University of Bolton where he guides students and staff alike through Innovation and Entrepreneurship journeys.

The Professor is also the Global Ambassador for AI, Big Data Analytics and Customer Experience at TM Forum the Global Standards body for Telecommunications and sits as an active advisory board member at the industry agnostic entity AI Forum.

Richard Jin
President, Optical Business Line, Huawei

Mr. Jin Yuzhi (Richard Jin) holds a bachelor’s degree from Beijing Jiaotong University. Since joining Huawei in 1998, he served as Engineer of the WDM/OTN Domains, Director of the WDM/OTN Domains, General Manager of the WDM/OTN Domains, Vice President of the Southern-East Asia Region, President of Transmission Network Product Line.

Mr. Jin has gained rich experience in R&D, marketing and strategy, and business operation from these different positions. Since January 2019, Mr. Jin has become President of Optical Business Product Line. He is responsible for the end-to-end strategy in R&D, Marketing and business and operations management of the Huawei transmission network and access network product portfolio.

Sami -headshot
Sami G. Jarrar
Chief Executive Officer at FiberTech

Sami’s career calling has been to build and develop organizations that deliver sustainable businesses and financial growth through a customer-focused approach.

His diversified experience in multiple startups as well as large organizations, be it managing P&L, people, projects, or commercial initiatives has allowed him to have an impact on business performance and market presence.

He was fortunate to have attained this from the vantage points of both a business leader, CEO/GM, and head of a variety of business units.

Sandy Motley
President, Fixed Networks, Nokia

Sandy Motley was appointed Vice-President and General Manager of Nokia’s Fixed Networks Division on January 1st, 2021. As such, she is responsible for managing the Fixed Networks business, operations and portfolio with a strong focus on profitable growth.

Sandy started her career at Bell Labs, where she led teams responsible for the design, analysis and manufacturing of military communication systems. She then moved to Wireless where she progressed through a series of positions that showcased her expertise in product design, bids and proposals, contract management, and portfolio product management. In addition, Sandy was on the Board of Directors of the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation and is the executive sponsor for Nokia’s HISPA organization.

She was also named to the Board of Advisors for Light Reading’s Women in Communications. Sandy holds a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance from Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, is an Executive Business Program graduate from Smith College, Massachusetts, has done Post-Masters Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, New York, and holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

During her free time, Sandy likes to read, watch sports and spend time with her family.

members_0000_Sunil Openserve
Sunil Piyarlall
Network Architecture and Modelling, Openserve

Sunil Piyarlall is the Executive for Network Architecture and Modelling at Openserve. With over 30 years of experience in the Information and Communications Technology fraternity, Sunil has held key Business and Technology Strategy positions within the Telkom Group.

He serves on various industry bodies, including the World Broadband Association. Sunil brings his extensive FTTH knowledge, as well as experience from presenting at several local and international conferences, to address industry challenges and advance technology evolution.

Tang Yongbo
VP, China Unicom

Aged 48, a postgraduate with a master’s degree in Business Administration, was appointed in December 2021 as a Senior Vice President of the Company. Mr. Tang served as Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Hunan Branch of China Unicom, General Manager of Marketing Department of Unicom Group. He is a Deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress. Mr. Tang is currently Vice General Manager of Unicom Group, Senior Vice President of A Share Company as well as Director, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of CUCL, as well as Directors of certain members of the Group. Mr. Tang has extensive experience in management and the telecommunications industry.

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