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At the World Broadband Association, we believe that effective governance is the cornerstone of a successful and thriving organization. Our transparent and well-defined governance structure ensures that our broadband industry innovation goals are met, growth is sustained, and the interests of all stakeholders are diligently safeguarded. The WBBA is governed by its Articles of Association, which can be found here.

The WBBA General Assembly is the Association’s supreme authority and is composed of all the Members, chaired by the WBBA Director-General. It convenes at least once a year to approve Board members and decides on any modification of the Articles of Association, among other matters. The General Assembly operates on a one-Member, one-vote basis.

Outside of the General Assembly, all members gather quarterly to receive updates, share insights, and provide vital feedback on the WBBA’s ongoing initiatives. These meetings foster a collaborative environment, enabling diverse perspectives to enrich our strategies and operations. This collective engagement ensures that the WBBA remains aligned with its member’s needs, aspirations, and the Articles of Association.


The WBBA Board, comprised of distinguished industry leaders, assembles biannually to review the association’s progress, set strategic ideas and goals, for broadband industry innovation and practices, and assess overall growth. Chaired by Li Zhengmao, these meetings contribute to shaping the WBBA’s structure and direction, ensuring its continued relevance and growth.

Oversight Committee:

The Oversight Committee, a monthly gathering with a rotating chairperson nominated from among the members,  to provide oversight of the operation and direction of WBBA on a regular basis on behalf of the Board and to carry out activities as directed by the Board on their behalf. This includes meticulously monitoring the association’s growth and assessing feedback provided by various working groups. This proactive approach guarantees that the WBBA’s initiatives are in harmony with its mission of broadband industry innovation and that all operational aspects are functioning effectively.


At the heart of the WBBA’s administrative affairs is Debra Carty, the WBBA’s Community Manager. Debra plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of administrative processes, facilitating communication among different tiers of the organization, and providing essential support to all aspects of the WBBA’s functioning.

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