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Thought-Leadership Study
Posted on:
September 22, 2021

This research and subsequent paper will set out the importance of greater broadband investment, not just for the good of the service provider but for countries as a whole.

Based on data from a newly designed survey of service providers and enterprise, the paper will outline what enterprises need from their broadband service providers to foster greater and new innovation, as well as what service providers need in the way of new government legislation and investment in order to maximize such new opportunities.

In the past many governments have merely paid lip service to the importance of investing in broadband, providing few investment incentives and occasionally enforcing counterincentives such as network sharing or price caps. Even when promises have been made, they are often later retracted or reduced due to other political pressures.

However, since the start of the pandemic, governments are now starting to accept importance of broadband investment – in particular, fiber and gigabit networks – and its role in accelerating socioeconomic gains. But this acceptance needs to represent a long-term commitment, recognizing broadband connectivity as a basic necessity and national competitive advantage.

In the past there has been too much focus on speed – and usually only in the downward direction.

This paper will make the case for investment via the following factors:
Continued commitment to investment will drive industry (enterprise) innovation. This paper will explore:
Best of breed case studies including:
Conclusions of the paper will focus on what governments need to recognize and do to close the industry innovation and social / environmental benefits gaps through infrastructure investment.

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