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May 22, 2024
""Broadband isn't just about technology – it's about opportunity. Together, Gamtel and the WBBA are working to bridge the digital divide and ensure a brighter future for all.""
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Pa Touray
Enterprise Risk Management to Quality Assurance at Gamtel

Leveraging Broadband for Socio-Economic Transformation: Insights from GAMTEL's Collaboration with WBBA

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Broadband for All: GAMTEL's Mission to Bridge the Digital Divide Through Global Collaboration

By Pa Touray - Enterprise Risk Management to Quality Assurance at GAMTEL

In light of my extensive tenure within GAMTEL, I have garnered invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics of telecommunications, particularly in regions like The Gambia. My role at GAMTEL has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the pivotal role broadband plays in fostering socio-economic development. Serving on the WBBA Oversight Committee allows me to leverage this experience to ensure that our strategies resonate with the diverse needs of both industry stakeholders and end-users. It's about bridging the gap between theory and practical implementation, ensuring that our initiatives are not just visionary but also grounded in real-world applicability. As a central figure within GAMTEL and a dedicated member of the WBBA, I see immense potential for synergy between the two entities. Our partnership not only amplifies GAMTEL's voice on the global stage but also fosters collaborative efforts aimed at advancing broadband accessibility and quality worldwide. By sharing best practices, participating in knowledge exchange, and contributing to policy advocacy, we're not only enhancing GAMTEL's capabilities but also driving positive change across the broader broadband ecosystem.

I am particularly enthusiastic about the forthcoming endeavors within the broadband advocacy and development working group, especially those focused on bridging the digital divide in underserved communities. Initiatives aimed at promoting inclusive access, such as innovative infrastructure deployment strategies and capacity-building programs, have the power to truly transform lives. By championing these efforts, we are not just expanding connectivity; we are unlocking new opportunities and empowering individuals and communities to thrive in the digital age. In addition, I am also excited about the WBBA's working group on developing sustainable financing models for broadband infrastructure. This research is crucial for ensuring long-term, affordable access in underserved areas.

GAMTEL'S position as the primary telecommunications entity in The Gambia comes with a profound responsibility to drive innovation and progress in the sector. We are not just fulfilling our mandate as a state-owned enterprise; we are leading by example, demonstrating our commitment to advancing the global broadband agenda by actively engaging with the WBBA and contributing to the development working groups. Through collaborative leadership and strategic partnerships, we are shaping the future of broadband, ensuring that it remains a force for good in our society.


Interested in getting involved with the WBBA's important broadband advocacy work? Enquire about membership HERE to connect with industry leaders like Kevin and be part of our member-led community driving meaningful change. Together, we can accelerate broadband access worldwide.

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